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LTE connectivity solutions

Since early this year, we have been forced to adjust to new government restrictions, whether we like it or not. Dine-in restaurants became curbside pickup spots. Most employees started working remotely and only some have returned back to the office. Health care providers conducted appointments via telehealth. Hospitals set up parking lot COVID-19 testing stations. The list goes on and on. These changes happened quickly and without any warning, and many companies were not prepared. So as a result, demand combined with lack of flexibility created a real challenge for companies and owners of small businesses. Especially for organizations that are providing essential and emergency services (which I believe, we can all agree on, ALL businesses are essential!) . Many businesses are relying on one hard-wired router with no LTE connectivity options, and in 2020, it is simply not an option anymore.

Although things are still changing rapidly, companies are increasing their dependency of their networks with LTE. Here’s why it is an essential part of the 2020 – 2021 preparedness plan (the new normal?).

LTE Connection for Fail-over

Network lags, breaks, and offline statuses are creating roadblocks for hospitals, supply chains, and pretty much every business out there. A good example is quick serve restaurants; revenue comes from being just that – quick serve. Nothing about a network failure in a quick serve restaurant has dollar signs attached to it. In a “dime-a-dozen” QSR market, consumers can easily find another place to spend their lunch money if you’re not up and running. 4G LTE failover connectivity provides an extremely capable and reliable failover network by keeping business online, which also makes customers and revenue streams happy.

LTE Connectivity is Automatic and Worry-Free

Networks crash. It happens. LTE failover takes the headache out of network outages by seamlessly failing over to LTE connection. Your IT team will rejoice.

LTE Connectivity Enables Pop-Up Networks

The parking lot COVID-19 test centers mentioned above are a prime example of how LTE is a necessity for healthcare workers in 2020. Restaurants are checking people in at the door having them return to their vehicles until their table is ready to keep them from being in crowded waiting areas. These two examples outline how a shift in operations created a need for flexible connection. In short, LTE pop-up networks provide a rock-solid connection to provide services outside the four walls of typical operations.

LTE Connectivity is Security Compliant

Existing network security structure on primary circuits transfers over to the LTE network upon failure. This takes the anxiety of a vulnerable system out of primary network failures. During primary network failures, backup LTE utilizes existing primary network security configuration.

LTE for Day-One Connection

Failover isn’t the only use for LTE connectivity. It can be used as connection until a primary circuit is connected, thus allowing you to be ready when patients and customers need services.

LTE is Manageable and Customizable

Additionally, LTE connectivity is manageable for many reasons. MSPs can fully install and manage networks, and provide necessary maintenance, which takes the pressure off of IT teams. The capability to choose an LTE carrier and price means a budget-friendly solution. It also includes signal strength capable of support within each enterprise location. Moreover, LTE can be fully designed, installed and managed by your managed service provider.


One thing about business in 2020 remains constant; the need for connection, 100% of the time. LTE connectivity is a fast, easy, and reliable way to ensure continuity and flexibility in operations in the months to come. As a result, LTE connectivity is the essential safety net investment for networks in 2020-2021.

Geeks at Work / Computer Tamers LTE Site Surveys

Geeks at Work / Computer Tamers has completed many LTE site surveys around the area. Our technicians will evaluate each site location and generate detailed reports, determining the best LTE carrier per location, therefore making sure you always obtain the best solution for your individual location.

Geeks at Work / Computer Tamers technicians install and configure WAN equipment for optimal signal reception and aesthetics, further ensuring confidence in set up and easy future maintenance. We can also manage and monitor the network to take the stress off internal IT teams, and ensure up-to-date compliance.

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